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6 Months Vegan Checkpoint

I am writing this post to answer the following questions:

Why did I decide to go vegan?


Where am I now?

Since I was little, I didn’t like meat. Like most parents, mine would make me eat a few bits at dinner. However, they never made me eat red meat, so, therefore, I have never had a hamburger, steak, etc.. After years of struggling to get me to eat meat, they gave up. At that point, the only things I would willingly eat were bacon, ham with French fries (because that’s the only way my mother could get me to eat it), and McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

By the time I reached middle/high school, I had become completely vegetarian, since I had decided that bacon wasn’t a healthy choice of meat anyways.

I decided to try going vegan when I was on my semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard of a transition, since I haven’t eaten meat in years. My initial reasoning was for the health benefits of going vegan. While abroad, I made the choice to just not worry and fully enjoy myself. That meant eating all the different foods, especially dessert. Because of this, I had, obviously, gained a bit of weight and wanted a way to get back to where I was before I left. I decided I would just try it for 3 months and if I liked it, try for 6 months, and so on. I wasn’t sure yet, if I was going to stick with it.

Now, here we are at the 6 month checkpoint!

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go vegan. My family and friends have been very supportive, my mother especially. She is always making new recipes for me to try, making me a separate dinner from what my parents are eating, and making sure I am sent back to College Station with plenty to eat.

Since going vegan, I feel great! I feel like I have become more of who I am/who I am meant to be and am feeling like my body is mine again. Another perk, my skin has never looked this good! (This is probably a mixture of being vegan and starting to use Curology skincare.)

In the beginning, I wasn’t strict about honey and gelatin (made from bones) being in my food, but now, I have decided not to eat either. I still eat foods that say, “may contain:_______” because that just means it is made in the same facility as something containing those things and I’m not going to be that strict. Plus, PETA even says it is fine and I’m going to go with what PETA says on this one.


Since I have never really eaten meat, the meat like vegan foods don’t really appeal to me. I had a vegan burger once that smelled and tasted so much like meat, I couldn’t convince myself it wasn’t. I ended up barely being able to eat any of it.

Also, for me, being vegan has become a little bit more than just for the health reasons. It is my chance to make a difference. It is allowing me to reduce my carbon footprint and take a stand against the meat, dairy, and egg industry. (I have watched so many videos on how poorly they treat animals and it just breaks my heart.) I am not the type of person to tell you shouldn’t be eating meat or cheese; I don’t even care if you eat it in front of me. Though, if I even get people to consider trying veganism or even just getting someone to do something small, like using reusable grocery bags, I will be ecstatic.

I am willing to talk to anyone that has questions about being vegan!

I don’t think I am ever turning back!

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“What do you eat?”

When people find out that I am vegan, almost always, one of the first questions is’ “…so then what do you eat??”

People think that being vegan severely limits your food options. It doesn’t. I am going to regularly add to this post all the different vegan foods I eat.

***A lot of the pictures are taken on vacation. I am not eating donuts everyday***



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Slowly Reducing My Carbon Footprint

In order to sustain life on Earth as long as possible, it is our responsibility to treat our home with love. As Americans, we are contributing to our quickly expanding landfills. A lot of this trash is not biodegradable and will last, basically, forever. It is hurting our home. We are polluting our oceans and killing animals with our waste.

I wanted to make my personal impact less, but Rome was not built in a day. I decided to take small steps to reducing my impact. I am going to list all of the products I have purchased and been using below.

***I also linked the products to amazon, so you can purchase them***

Reusable Grocery Bags– Plastic is one of the worst. A lot of it can not be recycled and takes about 500 years to decompose in landfills. Buying reusable grocery bags is an easy way to reduce some of the plastic we regularly take in and then just throw away. I personally bought one of mine from H-E-B and then received another with a purchase.

If you don’t have a grocery bag with you, simply say, “I don’t need a bag” when making small purchases. I am super proud that I have gotten my mom to start doing this.

Produce Bags – Now, even when you are using reusable grocery bags, you still are using plastic when purchasing produce. A simple fix for this are produce bags! They come in different sizes and they can have different purposes. For instance, I used mine to organize my clothes in my suitcase, while traveling.

Beeswax Food Wraps – I know that people will not consider these to be vegan, since they are made from beeswax, but you can’t always have it all. Instead of using plastic wrap and baggies, give these a try. I have used them to cover bowls of fruit and even wrapped my sandwich and nuts to take in my lunch. ***Update- I had to get rid of these because the beeswax began to come off*****

Silicon Food Storage Bags – I like this purchase for certain things, like freezing fruit, but they definitely have their downfalls. They are hard to open and I can never seem to open them up completely. Plus, they are a little hard to air dry after cleaning because they do not easily stay open to let all the water evaporate.

Resuable Sandwich/Snack Bags- I like these for things, like nuts and chips, that I do not want to put in a Tupperware container. I also purchased these after the silicone version because I felt like they were not best suited for certain things.

Reusable Straws – There was a video going around recently of a plastic straw being pulled out of a sea turtle’s nostril. I bought some because I prefer to drink my smoothies and water through a straw. I got metal ones and love them, except for one little thing. I can’t use them in my yeti. There are silicon ones out there that would probably be better for this. And, if you don’t want silicon or metal, there are glass reusable straws as well.

Reusable Cotton Rounds – This is my most recent purchase! I personally use a toner every morning and these are a great replacement for the little cotton pads that you just use once and throw away. They are machine washable, so you will get many uses out of them.

Bamboo Toothbrush – Our normal toothbrushes are basically just a piece of plastic that we use for a short period of time and then throw away. A bamboo toothbrush is a better option because it is biodegradable.

Paperless Towels– I do not usually keep paper towels in the house. Instead, I use rags to clean with. I do want to make or buy something like this photo though.

See the source image

Some of the next things I want to purchase- 

Biodegradable Poop Bags– I love my pup, but when I have her in College Station, I have to pick up a lot of poop. I use poop bags made from recycled material, but I want to switch to some that I know will be biodegradable, since it is something I use daily.

Soap Without Packaging- I didn’t like this one because I haven’ t found one I want to buy yet. I want shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that has no packaging. The one problem that I am having right now is that I recently dyed my hair purple. This is a color that fades very quickly, so I have to use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

I hope this post helps you realize how easy it can be to take steps to reduce your own carbon footprint. I will do my best to continuously try to reduce mine!